Reasons Why You Can Experience Dentin Hypersensitivity

Reasons Why You Can Experience

Reasons Why You Can Experience Dentin Hypersensitivity

By Emmy Dental Of Cypress

Dentin is a substance underneath the enamel of your tooth, it is yellow in color and surrounds the pulp. When the enamel wears down, the dentin gets exposed and leads to tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity. Sensitive teeth must be considered a serious dental issue or else it can give rise to enormous problems.

You may experience a sharp dental pain if your teeth come in contact with anything hot or cold. There could also be a tingling sensation on your teeth due to dentin hypersensitivity.

Some of the causes of dentin hypersensitivity are right below.

Teeth Grinding:

Bruxism or teeth grinding is one of the main reasons behind tooth sensitivity. It can cause major damage to your enamel which will certainly lead to sensitive teeth. Bruxism can also cause several other dental diseases and TMJ disorder is one of them. Therefore, it is better to get bruxism treated before it gets too late.

Brushing Aggressively:

Brushing vigorously or using a hard-bristled toothbrush can erode your enamel and give rise to sensitive teeth. You may feel brushing too hard can help clean your teeth properly, but it could contribute to some uncalled dental problems. Therefore, having an idea about the proper technique of brushing is essential.

Receding Gums:

Your gums tend to recede when periodontal disease comes into the picture and this can also trigger sensitive teeth. The underlying root surface can get exposed due to receding gums. Thus, maintain a proper dental hygiene in order to prevent gum disease. Consult your dentist right away if you are experiencing dentin hypersensitivity, the actual cause of tooth sensitivity can be detected this way.

Having Excessive Amount of Acidic Foods and Beverages:

Acidic foods and beverages can also play huge roles in damaging your enamel. The acidic levels in foods can be neutralized if you maintain a good balance of alkaline and acidic foods. Therefore, make positive changes in your diet today.

Dentin Hypersensitivity Can Occur After a Dental Treatment:

You may experience a tingling sensation on your teeth after a dental treatment. Most tooth sensitivity diminishes after a short period of time, but some might turn out to be persisting. See your dentist immediately if you are experiencing severe tooth sensitivity after an oral treatment.

Dental problems can cause innumerable discomforts if ignored or not treated on time. We can prevent our mouth from oral diseases by simply looking after our oral hygiene and visiting the dentist twice every year.

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