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Cosmetic Dentistry in Cypress TX By Dr. Shannon Pham

Cosmetic dentistry takes the charge to form up your teeth lines correctly and make your gums much healthier than before. Not only improving the sheen of your teeth, but it also makes your teeth look good. Many of us suffer from sharp pointed teeth, a gap between the teeth and inappropriate development of teeth structure. Cosmetic dentistry helps in redesigning your teeth and provides proper luster.

Dental Filling in Cypress TX

This process involves:

By filling the gap between teeth or replacing your silver fillings with tooth colored filling, and shaping up the edges of pointed teeth and giving them a proper symmetry.

Little facelifts like a corner of lips that would add grace to your smile.
You can avail these services to get good dental looks. Many of us spend money lavishly on our body structuring- undergoing many treatments for lips, face, and body. You can get whiter teeth like never before even if your teeth are stained due to tobacco, wines, cola, and coffee. But we never tend to spend money on our most essential organ. Strong and healthy teeth always benefit even in the long term, especially in old age.

You can avail all the treatments and they are accessible to you without any hurdles. With the evolution of cosmetic dentistry, you can now get perfect teeth which have always dreamt of. You can consult your dentist and explore more methods to enhance your sheen.

Dental Venners Treatment in Cypress TX

Cosmetic dental treatments can:

  • Brighten stained or discolored teeth
  • Repair cracks or fractures
  • Fill gaps between teeth
  • Correct overcrowding
  • Reshape teeth
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Replace old metallic restorations, such as fillings and crowns

Our Cosmetic Dentist Services - Cypress TX

If you have any questions regarding cosmetic dentistry or would like to schedule a visit with your Cypress TX cosmetic dentist, Dr.Shannon Pham at Emmy Dental of Cypress, call us today @ 281-789-6098 or request an appointment online!

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MzUnderStood SoIOverStand
MzUnderStood SoIOverStand
Been a patient for 3-4 years since opening here actually. Usually good service. Went in today to find out I had a co-pay, but the system keeps emailing me and calling me saying I needed to schedule an appointment. It would’ve been nice to know I had a co•pay so I could’ve properly planned before taking off work, making an appointment, and wasting my day. But whatever I know now. Things need to be communicated a lot better. Not when I’m at the front counter waiting to be seen. Kinda mad
Mar 02, 2023
Diana Nguyen
Diana Nguyen
Dr. Pham and her team is amazing. She is very patient and kind. Her staff provides great customer service and are very welcoming. She is thorough with the examinations and explains what the procedures entail very well. She is gentle and careful with all procedures. I had a deep clean and 2 wisdom teeth extracted. I highly recommend her if you need to go see a dentist but are fearful.
Nov 02, 2022
Rebecca Sessums
Rebecca Sessums
I've avoided going to the dentist for most of my life because of past traumatic experiences, but I had an emergency and found emmy dental. I immediately felt at ease in their office, all staff were welcoming and had a calming presence. Dr. Shannon Pham was so gentle and never made me feel insecure about the state of my teeth. She genuinely cares about her work and it's obvious. I've already recommended Emmy dental to a friend.
Dec 27, 2022
Monique Dale
Monique Dale
After dealing with excruciating pain for two days straight and unable to get help from this location due to blood pressure, I left and found an excellent dentist that helped. Within less than three hours I was pain free! The thing that disappointed me the most was no one knowing how to take blood pressure properly. For example, my blood pressure was taken with the cuff wrapped around my elbow. Or with a wrist monitor while being told to leave my arm raised when it should rest. Staff was nice overall, this just isn’t the place for me.
Mar 05, 2023
Everything about it is a NO. every visit with my kids they're Exceeding the amount of time. Came in for Orthodox was told my kids needed braces; goes to Wilson imaging paying out of pocket for additional imaging. Before receiving the images I was told Dr. Pham needed to get a compression of their teeth and that would determine if she would be able to do their braces which was a addition 2something. Asked for imaging from Wilson when they come in, but I have to pay a additional $25. Why if I paid for them images...? Wilson imaging need the Dr signature and $15 to release them to me. This place is ridiculous. I barely wanted to leave 1 star being that the male Dr walked out the room refusing to do my younger kids treatment because they were whinny, because their mouth wasn't 100% numb.
Mar 09, 2023



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