A Chipped Tooth Can Be the Cause of Acute Dental Problems

A Chipped Tooth Can Be the Cause of Acute Dental Problems

By Emmy Dental Of Cypress

A tooth can get chipped due to many reasons. The condition might not lead to an intolerable pain if it is minor but, it can turn out to be something severe if the enamel wears out or if the nerves get exposed. Therefore, don’t keep your chipped tooth untreated. See a dentist right away if you are experiencing something similar.

Today, cosmetic dentistry has evolved enormously due to which, a chipped tooth can be easily mended. However, you must also understand that the condition must be treated on time to avoid complications.

These are some of the common causes of a chipped tooth.

  • Bruxism or teeth grinding can result in a chipped tooth. Clenching or grinding your teeth can also erode your enamel which can further expose the dentin which is yellow in color. Your tooth can appear discolored if the dentin gets exposed, it can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Therefore, don’t ignore bruxism, get the condition treated before its too late.
  • A chipped tooth can also occur if you bite on something hard or anything inedible. Using your teeth as a tool can certainly chip your tooth. Thus, do not bite your nails or try to open bottle caps with your teeth.
  • A lot of you might be into sports and it is very important to take all the safety measures while playing a sport. Not using a mouthguard can put your teeth at risk. A sudden fall or collision can lead to a dental trauma.
  • Dental cavity could be yet another reason for a chipped tooth. It produces toxic acids from the bacteria in your mouth and causes damage to your tooth enamel. It can also make the surface of the tooth prone to breakage. Hence, follow a meticulous oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  • Your teeth can also weaken if you are not taking a proper amount of nutrients. An improper diet can wear out your teeth and greatly affect its strength.

A chipped tooth can not only lead to pain and discomforts but, the condition can also give rise to bad breath and alter the taste in your mouth. Thus, do not take your poor dental health for granted, get it treated as soon as possible.

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