Dental Fillings


By Emmy Dental Of Cypress

Dentists provide you with fillings so as to fill your cavities and revive your decayed teeth. Dental fillings remain rigid and let you chew and grind, just as original teeth. But sometimes, these fillings can also become loose. 

How does a filling get damaged?

  • Tooth decay due to inappropriate dental habits
  • Face injury 
  • Teeth grinding and clenching
  • Allergic reactions to filling materials such as silver, mercury, amalgam
  • Chewing and biting crunchy or hard food items 

 If you feel that your dental fillings are becoming loose or feel uneasy during biting, never ignore it! 

 How to deal with a Broken/Loose Filling?

  1. Ease the sensitivity – Movement of the filling causes the area to turn sore, sensitive, or irritated. Cleaning your mouth with a warm salt solution may give you little relief. You can even use clove oil. You can also put on an ice pack in order to numb your tooth.
  2. Do not panic –Try to remain calm whenever you face any kind of oral issues. Generally, fillings can be reapplied quickly. But don’t wait very long to visit your dentist. 
  3. Keep your mouth clean –When the filling becomes loose, the tooth cavity gets exposed. Hence, it’s highly necessary to keep your mouth clean. Try to avoid chewing or biting from the same side of the mouth. Brush appropriately and clean your mouth after every meal. Even gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash.
  4. Call the dentist –If you find any symptoms that detect loose filling, you should right away call your dentist. Keep the filling so that your dentist can decide whether it can be reused or should be replaced. Your dentist has to prepare your tooth before implementing a fresh filling. If the problem is gone untreated, then the situation might turn worse and can require a root canal. 

How to prevent a filling from coming loose?

 Remember that dental fillings are not permanent. They generally stay between 2 and 10 years. But you can improve the structural integrity and durability of your filling by taking some preventive measures:

  • See a trusted or skilled dentist who will apply your filling that lasts long. 
  • Don’t bite and chew hard things that could ruin your filling
  • Apply good oral practices
  • Visit your dentist on a regular basis in order to check the health of your fillings 
  • Consider a dental onlay or a crown that is a more durable method for tooth restorations

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