Solutions For Knocked Out Tooth

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Solutions For Knocked Out Tooth

By Emmy Dental Of Cypress

A knocked-out tooth is a very common, especially among kids. But if you are an active adult, then also you can face this kind of situation.  When you get hurt in any form of sports activity, accident or assault, usually the main area of damage often is the face. Sports-related dental injuries can vary from minor chips to the entire loss of a tooth.

What to do When a Tooth is Knocked Out?

    • First and foremost, hold the tooth by the crown gently and not the root. Then remove the extra dirt from the tooth by rinsing it with cold running water.  Do not scrub. After that, you can either position the tooth into the socket or hold it between your cheek and gums in your mouth as you have to head for Dental Emergency help. But do not have younger children do this, in case they swallow it. Act quickly, it is best to see a doctor within 30 minutes!
    • Well, if a tooth is chipped, collect the broken pieces and take them to the nearest dentist to fill the tooth or smooth it down. But if the whole tooth has been knocked out, it’s crucial to act quickly and carefully to increase the possibility of saving the tooth. Keeping the tooth moist with your saliva may keep it alive.
    • Now, if you are unable to place the tooth in your mouth, then the best thing you can do is to place it in cold, whole milk. Even maximum dentists have this option in their dental clinics in order to save a tooth that has been knocked out.
    • If a child has lost a tooth, confirm whether it’s a baby tooth or an adult tooth, as the baby tooth cannot be re-implanted.

What Will the Dentist Do?

Knocking out a tooth is, of course, a Dental Emergency! And for that we have Emergency Dentist in Cypress TX.  If you place the tooth back in, the dentist will check if it’s in the correct position and move it if they require to. And if you brought the tooth soaked in milk or saliva, the dentist, along with his team will clean it and put it back in. They’ll then fix the tooth which is termed as splinting. You’ll possibly be asked to visit the doctor back after a couple of weeks to get the splint removed. If you are unable to find the tooth or the dentist is unable to save it, it can totally be replaced with a false tooth.