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Privacy Policy

A Brief on our Legal Obligations

Maintaining the confidentiality of your health information tops the list of our priorities. Therefore, your Emmy Dental is liable to all the federal and state laws just like your other medical practices. The details of all our legal duties, privacy practices and your rights concerning your health information will be elaborately disclosed. The privacy policies mentioned here must be well adhered to till the time they remain valid. We do reserve the right to change our privacy policies and the terms of this notice at any given time, only if such changes conform to the applicable law. After making the necessary changes, the new notice will be published or sent to you. You can also ask for the details anytime. For more information you may contact us any time.

Access to Health Information

All information concerning payments, healthcare operations and treatments are available if required.


The payments are received not only after delivering all the services but also post disclosing your health details.


The details of your health will be disclosed to all the physicians/dentist, students and all the accompanying staff who will be treating you.


You may give us a written note such that we may use your health details for payment procedures, treatments and healthcare works. The proceedings will not take place, unless we have this document in hand.

Healthcare Operations

Information concerning your health might get used or disclosed. This information is inclusive of improvement activities, quality assessment, reviewing the competence and so on.

Information To Family And Friends

With your prior permission, we will provide your health information to your family and friends in order to help you out with your healthcare. This is also going to help you with the payment procedure.

People Responsible For Your Care

Your health information may be revealed by us to any person who is responsible for your care. He/she could be your personal representative as well. You can however place an objection if you do not want us to go forward with this step.

Marketing The Services Related To Health

Information related to our patients may be used by us for survey purposes. We need to do a survey on the patient’s experience and for the said purpose we may contact you. This will aid us in evaluating what you have liked about our services and what are sections on which we need to improve.

We may also ask a third-party service provider to get in touch with you on behalf of us for the purpose of doing the survey.


Cookies are ones that are stored on the user’s computer by the website. They are encrypted texts. We also utilize the technology of “cookie”. This helps our website to recall all the information which comes to us. Cookies benefits us in figuring out the measured usage of several pages on a website and make our website information more relevant.

They also serve other functions such as payments of bills and online appointment booking.

We use both types of cookies, the “persistent” cookies and the “session” cookies. Persistent cookies are the ones that stay on your system unless you delete them while session cookies are those that get deleted right after you exit from your website. We however do not take the help of cookies to fetch your personal information (that could reveal your identity). Only the ones which you provide us by yourself are obtained.

National Security

We might reveal the health details of the Armed Forces to military authorities if need be. We are also liable to disclose the lawful and counterintelligence health information to the authorized federal officials as and when required.

Victim Of Abuse

In case we find that you are a victim of abuse, we can revel your health detail in order to save you from further threats.

Raising Funds

Your health details shall not be used for fund-raising activities until and unless you ask us to do the same.

Go by the Law

We need to disclose or use your health related information related to your health if the law requires us to do so.

Reminder on Appointments

Your health information might also be used to notify you about your dental appointments.

Your Access

The Rights of the Patients

You will be definitely allowed to take a look at your health information copies, but with limited exceptions. You may request us to provide copies in a format other than photocopies. However, we might charge for providing dental records and X-Rays.

Accounting For Revelation

We will inform you about the times and situations where your health information has got disclosed. But you might be charged if you ask for it more than once within a span of one year.

Raising Restrictions

If you consider it necessary, you may request us to raise restrictions on disclosing your health information. We are in any case not supposed to abide by the extra restrictions. So, we will follow our agreement in that case.

Alternative Means Of Communication

Let us know in case you want us to communicate with you through alternative means. Since the purpose of communication is your health, therefore, you must request for it in writing. There, you need to specify what other means of communication you are hinting at.

Breaching Of Notification

A notification of breach of unsafe PHI will be provided to you as instructed by the law.

Amendment Of Health Information

If you instruct us to amend your health details, we will do it. But prior to this, you need to file this request in writing and also mention a valid reason behind it.

Ways of Receiving the Notice

If a particular notice is received by you via mail or on our website, you will also receive it in writing.

Questions Which Concern You

In order to get more information on our privacy practices, you may call the Emmy Dental Compliance Officer at (281)-789-6098.

You can send a written note to Emmy Dental Compliance Officer @ emmydentaltx@gmail.com if you do not conform to our privacy policy or if you are of the opinion that we have violated any of the terms. You can also let us know if you do not support our act of getting an access to your health details. Our response to a request which was made by you to restrict the usage of your health details may not satisfy you. Please let us know about it as early as possible. You might also suggest us some alternative options for connecting with you. You can also write to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and we will cooperate with you, if required.

You are obligated to maintain the right of your health information and we strongly support you in that.

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