Steps Involved In Periodontal Treatment

periodontal therapy

Steps Involved In Periodontal Treatment

By Emmy Dental Of Cypress

One of the most commonly afflicted gum diseases that people suffer from across the world is periodontitis. The periodontal disease infects your gums, which is caused by bacterial growth in your mouth. Once the infection starts progressing, it can impact the teeth and gums severely. Generally, people with poor oral hygiene routine, such as irregular brushing and flossing habits, are more susceptible to periodontitis. If left untreated for long, it may even result in tooth loss. Additionally, in some rare cases, periodontal disease can even lead to complications with the heart. Among the most common signs of periodontal disease is swelling in the gums, i.e., gingivitis. Other symptoms of periodontitis are bleeding gums, bad breath, and shifting teeth among others.

However, there is nothing to worry about, because there are different treatment options available for fighting periodontitis. But, in case you think you have a bacterial gum infection, then you should immediately opt for gum disease treatment in Cypress, TX.

At Emmy Dental Of Cypress, we follow a detailed process for treating periodontal disease, from a correct diagnosis to properly grading the infection stage.

Planning and Root Scaling

In periodontitis, a person suffers from gum bleeding along with plaque deposits on the teeth, which is caused by bacteria in the mouth. A dentist first removes the layer of plaque from the teeth using specialized dental instruments. Second, he or she smoothens the rough edges on the teeth’s surface for preventing bacteria to grow further.

 Treating Teeth Pockets

In some cases, gums surrounding the teeth become loose and gaps get filled with food debris leading to an unclean pocket area. Thus, the dentist needs to reduce the surrounding pocket area, which is called the pocket reduction process that comprises the removal of bacteria causing the oral infection. Lastly, the dentist folds the gum tissue and smooths the area around the damaged teeth. This is necessary to ensure that the gum tissues are re-attached to a healthy portion of the teeth.

Gum Grafting

Dentists use gum grafts to cover up exposed tooth roots caused by receding gums. A dentist obtains gum tissues from your palate for covering the exposed roots. Gum grafting is an important step of the periodontitis treatment as it helps in protecting your teeth from disease-causing bacteria along with reducing sensitivity.

Bone Regeneration

Dentists opt for bone grafting for some periodontal cases. This is for patients whose original tooth bone is completely damaged by the bacteria and need help with bone regeneration. In this surgical process, dentists remove the bacteria and plant a new bone, artificial or natural, in place of the damaged/infected bone.

It is difficult to deal with periodontitis without proper treatment. Thus, you should always consult a dentist for periodontal therapy in Cypress, TX, before the oral infection progresses and leads to tooth loss.